About Our Team

We continuously hold ourselves to the highest medical standards and are constantly seeking new paths to improve our knowledge of veterinary medicine as well as delivery of excellent customer service to our clients.

Jessi Pizzuli, DVM

Dr. Pizzuli is a Cleveland native and has been practicing small animal medicine since 2006 upon graduation from The Ohio State University.


Office Manager
Janet is our office manager and receptionist. We cannot divulge additional information, as it may compromise our agents in the field.


Veterinary Technician
Laurel started at Just Cats in 1997 and has only taken time off to get spayed herself.  She loves cats and all other animals as well. She prides herself in dealing with our ‘rebellious’ patients.  Other interests are dentistry and a big place in her heart for senior kitties.  One of her favorite things is putting IVs in the kitties as well as anyone else she can catch.


Veterinary Assistant
Susan started at Just Cats in 2010.   Depending on the day of the week she rotates between the various clinical habitats.  While working at Just Cats, she has somehow gained the ability to sneak up on people while walking normally, despite wearing shoes that squeak on the floor.


Veterinary Assistant
Hannah is a junior in high school and aspires to be a veterinarian one day. She has a special interest in exotic medicine.  It’s fun to guess what color hair she’ll have next.


Veterinary Assistant
Edith has been an animal lover forever. She got her first cat at 18 months old and her first dog at age 4 After that, there was no turning back. She has been working in the veterinary field for 10 years. Not to be out done, Edith is in competition with Dr. Pizzuli to see who can have more cats (and not to brag, but Edith is winning).

LBK (Little Baby Kitten)

Bringer of joy
LBK is a one year old paralyzed kitten that Dr. Pizzuli took from another vet tech in the hopes that he would walk again. Despite acupuncture, laser therapy, and time, he continues to scoot around. However, this has not slowed him down. He runs around the house playing with toys and clawing his way onto the furniture. You may seem him scooting around the clinic sometime.

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