Wellness Care

At Just Cats Hospital, our staff is committed to providing comprehensive, personalized medical care for your cat so you can enjoy a long and happy life together. As medical professionals, we recognize preventive medicine is the best way to keep your pet healthy and limit the lifetime cost of care. It’s our goal to work with you to develop the best health care plan for your beloved feline companion.

Wellness Services

Grooming (Exclusively for Current Patients)

We perform the following services for current patients only.

  • Nail trim
  • Matted fur:  Shave large areas of fur, such as the bellySanitary shave (shave fur around the rear to promote cleanliness)
  • Lion cut
  • “Buzz cut” of body
  • Leave the head and mane and legs up to the wrists and ankles
  • Option to leave full tail or leave a puff at the end
  • Option to shave long fur in-between toes for some longhaired cats
  • Nail trim at no additional charge

We only SHAVE. We do not have the equipment available for “faded” or other specialty cuts. We use primarily a #10 blade, which cuts the fur short but is less likely to cut the skin, reserving #40 blades that cut closer for shaving matted fur. All shaves are charged based on how long the procedure takes.

All grooming appointments must be dropped off in the morning and can be picked-up in the afternoon. Sanitary shaves, nail trims, or shaving a few mats can be scheduled as an outpatient appointment with the owner present. We recommend fasting all patients that are dropped off in case sedation is required (no food after midnight, water is okay).

All patients being dropped off must fill out a surgical consent form if sedation is needed. Grooming's will be postponed or cancelled if an emergency takes place with another patient.

International Health Certificates

As a part of our efforts to provide you with the most comprehensive cat healthcare services, we also provide international health certificates that are required when traveling with your cat outside the United States.

Requirements depend on which country you are going to but at a minimum require an examination and certificate no more than 21 days before you travel, and your cat must be up-to-date on rabies vaccination.  Some countries, such as Japan and England, have more stringent requirements that take more than 6 months of planning to avoid long quarantine periods. Our doctors can assist you with international requirements for your destination.

Kitten Care

Knowing how to properly care for a new kitten will help reduce any stress or concerns that may come with adding a member to your family. Just Cats Hospital shares your joy at welcoming this new family member into your life and is ready to support you with exceptional cat care and guidance.

The first year of care for your new little ball of fur is the most important. Like human infants, kittens require special attention for them to grow and develop well.

Through our partnership, we will create a custom health plan so your new companion receives the vaccinations, behavioral, and nutritional recommendations required to get the best start in life. We'll also discuss ways to best care for your cat between visits to the veterinary hospital. Your kitten's first year of care will include:

Physical Examinations:

Your kitten's lifetime of wellness starts with their first comprehensive physical exam. Kittens should have three to four exams between the ages of 8–16 weeks. These visits are important because they provide our veterinarians with an opportunity to administer vaccines and assess your kitten's overall health.


Due to their developing immune systems, kittens must receive a series of properly staged vaccines. Because every kitten is unique, we tailor our vaccination recommendations based on their lifestyle and according to the suggested medical guidelines.
Diagnostic Testing: All kittens should be tested for intestinal parasites and feline leukemia/FIV.
Additional Recommendations: Your veterinarian will also discuss and recommend other services, such as spaying, neutering and microchipping.


Of the six to eight million cats and dogs who find their way into shelters nationwide each year, less than 2 percent of cats are ever reunited with their owners. Dogs, who more commonly wear visible identification or are microchipped, are reunited with their worried owners 7.5 to 15 times more often.

To find how to protect yourself, click here: Microchipping


Today, a majority of cats are overweight or obese. Carrying around all that extra weight can be more than uncomfortable; it can also predispose cats to diabetes, fatty liver disease and arthritis. Obesity is the most common and most significant nutritional health problem in cats today.

For information on your cats nutritional needs click this link:


Parasite Preventaion and Control

Parasites can be real pests. For informantion how to protect your kitty, click here: Parasite Prevention

Senior Cat Care

Older cats make wonderful companions, and thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, they are living longer than ever; however, they have unique medical needs.

For information how to protect your older cat click here:

Senior Cat Care


Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the veterinarians and staff at Just Cats Hospital are strong advocates of preventive care.

Read about thes lifsaving vaccinations here: Vaccinations

Wellness Exams

We strongly encourage annual wellness examinations, recommended vaccinations, and can provide medication to prevent diseases.

To read more click this link: Wellness Care

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