Wellness Exams

We strongly encourage annual wellness examinations, recommended vaccinations,

and can provide medication to prevent diseases.

Wellness exams

At Just Cats Hospital, our staff is committed to providing comprehensive, personalized medical care for your cat so you can enjoy a long and happy life together. As medical professionals, we recognize preventive medicine is the best way to keep your pet healthy and limit the lifetime cost of care. It’s our goal to work with you to develop the best health care plan for your beloved feline companion.

The basis of such a plan begins with regular wellness examinations that include thorough screenings for common diseases and ailments that could affect your cat’s overall health.

Wellness examinations consist of:

  • Checking body weight
  • Determining body condition (i.e., chubby, skinny, or just right)
  • Determining muscle condition and nutritional status(i.e., well muscled, loss of muscle tone, cachexic)
  • Assessing for pain
  • Checking ears, eyes, nose, mouth and teeth
  • Examining skin, coat, claws and nail beds
  • Palpating of the thyroid, peripheral lymph nodes, and abdomen
  • Assessing hydration, joints, and anal glands
  • Evaluating neurologic systems
  • Observing overall behavior

Good Communication Leads to Good Health

When you don’t feel well, you visit the doctor and trust that they will listen and provide you with reliable information and medical advice. The same goes for your cat. The doctors and staff at Just Cats Hospital take the time to listen to you and examine your cat thoroughly. Through health risk assessments, we will develop a clear picture of your pet’s overall health status and can recommend the best health maintenance or treatment program. It is important we hear from you about how your cat is doing so we may continuously adjust and optimize your companion’s health care plan.

Preventive Medicine is the Best Medicine

No one wants to see their cat sick. The best way to ensure your cat is well and lives a long life is to promote a healthy lifestyle while continuing to be proactive in his or her preventive care.

The veterinary team at Just Cats Hospital believes prevention is a positive contribution to your kitty’s long-term health. Preventive care also minimizes the lifetime cost of veterinary expenses.

To schedule a Wellness Exam

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