Cat Grooming Services

We offer the following grooming services for cats

Nail trim (all four feet, or two feet in front-declawed cats)


Nail trim at no additional charge with every bath

Medicated baths also available if prescribed by the vet

Shave matted fur

Shave large areas of fur, such as the belly

Sanitary shave (shave fur around the rear to promote cleanliness)

Lion cut

“Buzz cut” of body

Leave the head and mane and legs up to the wrists and ankles

Option to leave full tail or leave a puff at the end

Option to shave long fur in-between toes for some longhaired cats

Nail trim at no additional charge


We only SHAVE. We do not have the equipment available for “faded” or other specialty cuts. We use primarily a #10 blade, which cuts the fur short but is less likely to cut the skin, reserving #40 blades that cut closer for shaving matted fur. All shaves are charged based on how long the procedure takes.

All baths, lion cuts, or extensive cuts must be dropped off in the morning and can be picked-up in the evening. Sanitary shaves, nail trims, or shaving a few mats can be scheduled as an outpatient appointment with the owner present. We recommend fasting all grooms that are dropped off in case sedation is required (no food after midnight, water is okay).

All grooms being dropped off must fill out a groom sheet and sign a surgical consent form if sedation is needed. Grooms will be postponed or cancelled if an emergency takes place with another patient.

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